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Minnesota: Oral Fluid Drug Testing Is Now Permissible


By Kurt Erickson , Kerry Middleton , Alice Kirkland , Ben Sandahl , Jeremy Sosna and Susan Fitzke on June 7, 2024 Read More

Virginia: Protections for Medicinal Use of Cannabis Oil Expanded to Public Employees


By Michael S. McIntosh , Elizabeth A. Lalik , Alex Berg and Ashley D.N. Jones on June 7, 2024 Read More

Quest Diagnostics Releases 2024 Drug Testing Index (DTI) Report


Quest Diagnostics recently released their 2024 Drug Testing Index (DTI) report, providing key takeaways on positivity rates across both federal and private sector employer testing. Read More

Connecticut Employers Can Terminate Employees Impaired by Medical Marijuana While Working; Appellate Court Also Provides Guidance for Reasonable Suspicion Drug Tests


By Jake Golicz and Elizabeth R. McKenna on March 19, 2024 Read More

Iowa Court of Appeals Files Opinion Related to Employment Drug Testing


The case involves termination of employment, random workplace drug testing policies and Iowa's drug testing laws. Read More

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